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If you are involved in public participation in Southern Africa, then IAP2 SA is for you!

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1 year individual membership (R400)
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Why join IAP2 Southern Africa?

IAP2 SA is a unique community of practitioners and supporters with a common vision to improve excellence in public participation in the southern African region.

The IAP2 approach promotes integrity and robust decision making. It also improves the value and outcomes of public participation – a process often perceived as costly, complex and time-consuming.

By working together, we are able to share what works and what doesn’t at the coalface of public participation. We can also raise awareness about the importance of this profession and improve standards of the practice through training, good practice resources, certification, and a supportive community.

Organisationscan leverage the IAP2 SA network to find local professionals with the skills and knowledge to support their public participation efforts and access good practice from around the world.

Memberscan interact with experienced local and international practitioners, strengthen their professional credentials, and get recognition for their good work.

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1 year individual membership (R400)