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Meet our trainers

Tisha Greyling

IAP2 Licensed Trainer

Independent Social and Environmental Specialist

MA (Linguistics) / Independent Social and Environmental Specialist / Internationally Certified Trainer

Tisha has 35 years of experience in social and environmental management and is an accredited trainer in public participation with IAP2. Her expertise covers strategic direction of social and environmental permitting for new developments; development and implementation of socio-economic performance programs to the Performance Standards of the IFC; social due diligence assessment and risk management; public sensitivity analysis, stakeholder engagement strategy, planning and implementation; design and facilitation of multi-party and multi-country participatory processes; and training in public participation.

Tisha has project managed and acted as project director for numerous environmental and social management aspects related to large projects in developing countries. She has led and directed teams to develop and implement social management plans to the IFC Performance Standards. She regularly provides training to developers, construction managers and EPCM contractors in the implementation of social management plans. She is the author, co-author or reviewer of more than a dozen guides on public participation, including those of IAP2, and has presented the accredited IAP2 public participation training courses on five continents. She also trains independently in public participation in environmental authorisation processes.

Tisha has worked and trained in the mining, oil and gas, energy, waste management, industrial forestry, chemical and paper manufacturing sectors in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, the UK, Italy, Romania, Canada, the USA, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Singapore, Chile, Peru and Brazil.

Elmah Nthebolan

Executive Director, Integrated Environmental Management, at Geoflux (Pty) Ltd

MSc (Env. Science) and PG (Dip.Int Env Law) / IAP2 Licensed Trainer / Botswana Training Authority (BOTA) accredited Trainer

Elmah holds an MSc (Environmental Science) and a post-graduate Diploma in International Environmental Law. She has 18 years post-graduate experience, with 12 years spent gaining insight into planning and execution of public participation as part of broader EIA and SEA projects for both government and private sectors, in fields such as water development, tourism, commercial, mining, land use, and waste management.

Elmah is a certified Principal Environmental Assessment Practitioner with the Botswana Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association. She is a member of IAP2 Southern Africa and licensed to deliver the IAP2 5-day Certificate Course in Public Participation. She is also an accredited trainer for Public Participation and Integrated Environmental Management with **** text stops here****

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