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We’re a young and growing affiliate. Effective management of the following portfolios is crucial to our success.

  1. Executive team
  2. Treasury
  3. Membership
  4. International representation
  5. Training
  6. Standards and Innovation
  7. Communications and Outreach

Executive team

The Executive Team comprises the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of IAP2 SA. The Exec Team currently leads on the practical implementation and day-to-day administration of the affiliate’s work programme. The Exec Team works collaboratively to

  • Ensure the affiliate is managed effectively
  • Act as custodians of the affiliate strategy, policies and systems
  • Represent the affiliate in public fora (workshops and conferences)
  • Plan and run board meetings, including preparation of minutes
  • Monitor performance of the affiliate against annual goals and targets
  • Organise the Annual General Meeting
  • Compile Annual Report to members, including audited Financial Statements


The Treasurer has a watchdog role over all aspects of financial management. S/he works closely with other members of the board to safeguard the affiliate’s finances and is responsible for

  • General financial oversight
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Banking, bookkeeping and record keeping
  • Financial reporting, including preparation of accounts and liaising with the auditor
  • Advising on the organisation’s fundraising strategy
  • Registering the affiliate with relevant bodies


Our top priority is to support our members in their professional development as public participation practitioners. This portfolio focuses on

  • Facilitating entry and on-boarding of new members
  • Engaging with members about their professional needs
  • Designing services and benefits to meet member needs
  • Cultivating a peer network of members to support each other

International Representation

Each IAP2 regional affiliate nominates a representative to the board of the international federation. We are currently very proud to have our board member Nomi Muthialu representing southern Africa as the Presiding Member of the International Federation.

In addition, this portfolio is supported by board members and affiliate members who participate in international working groups on specific topics, such as training, accreditation and standards. The task of this portfolio is to

  • Ensure we stay abreast of developments across the IAP2 federation
  • Represent the perspectives of southern African members
  • Communicate federation updates to southern African members.


IAP2 offers several internationally recognised training programs, including the 5-day IAP2 Certificate in public participation and the 2-day Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation. These are delivered by accredited IAP2 trainers. As a regional affiliate, our job is to ensure sufficient training opportunities are scheduled and delivered each year in southern Africa.

Among other things, this portfolio focuses on

  • Working with trainers to schedule, market and deliver IAP2 training offerings
  • Overseeing the administration of affiliate-run trainings
  • Supporting the IAP2 accreditation of additional trainers in the region
  • Seeking national accreditation of IAP2 training offerings
  • Collaborating with trainers and members to identify additional training needs of members and design tailored solutions

Standards & Innovation

The IAP2 Core Values and Code of Ethics underpin the standard of excellence in public participation which IAP2 promotes worldwide. This portfolio focuses on ways to advocate for excellence in public participation in southern Africa and support other networks to do the same throughout Africa.

Among other things, the standards and innovation team is responsible for

  • Staying abreast of international developments in standards and accreditation for public participation
  • Representing IAP2 SA at public fora (workshops and conferences) and in regional discussions to advocate for excellence in public participation
  • Planning and delivering the southern African Core Values Awards for Excellence in Public Participation
  • Facilitating the exchange of good practice knowledge and resources via the IAP2SA peer network

Communications & Outreach

We currently communicate with members and the public via our website, Facebook page, emails and annual report.

This portfolio focuses on

  • Delivering a high standard of communication via these and other media channels
  • Communicating with members in engaging ways to cultivate rich discussion, dialogue, and involvement
  • Engaging with other stakeholders in the public participation field, including private and public sector organisations